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Win7zilla is one of the world's first security and tweaking software for Windows 7. It's a comprehensive, all-in-one tweak Windows 7 utility to meet all your system maintenance requirements. Win7Zilla optimizes performance and all settings  with immediate effect unlike other Windows 7 tweaks software. System Restarting is not a requirement, which improves system efficiency instantaneously and saves the user a lot of time. Win7Zilla is a multi-utility software incorporating hundreds of system and application enhancements and tweaks while also functioning as a deep system cleaning software. Win7Zilla offers various customizations to make your Windows 7 Operating System work the way you want. With all important utilities combined into one handy tool, Win7Zilla is a one-of-a-kind, complete system maintenance workhorse.

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Get a free life-time full license of Win7Zilla What's new in Win7Zilla version 2.5? What's new in Win7Zilla version 2.4? What's new in Win7Zilla version 2.3? What's new in Win7Zilla version 2.2? Win7Zilla version 2.0 is now downloadable and purchasable. Sagitos Ltd obtained Microsoft®'s Authenticode® for Win7Zilla Sagitos Ltd to launch Demo Version of Win7Zilla


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Win7Zilla Version 2.5

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Tweak and Change Windows® 7 Settings System information - Hardware System information - Software Change OEM and User Information Optimize Internet Connection Windows® 7 utilities Easy Access Optimize Physical Memory (RAM) Boost Gaming Performance Change Windows® 7 Logon Screen Clean temporary Files Clean Windows® 7 Registry Manage Windows® 7 Start-up

Win7Zilla offers hundreds of tweaks to help customize your Windows® 7 settings to meet your personal needs. Customizations which are well described with suitable screenshots can range anywhere from modifying the Taskbar, Desktop and Start Menu options, to tweaking the Control Panel, Internet Explorer® and Windows® Explorer settings and appearances. Unlike other utility software, you can have all the tweaks and settings applied immediately at the click of a button without restarting your computer multiple times after each and every setting. Win7Zilla also provides a simple way to identify which settings has been applied on the system.

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System Requirements

Processor: At least 1Ghz RAM: 512 MB Operating System architecture: Windows® 7 English, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Graphics: Resolution of at least 1024x768 pixel Free disk space: 20MB Internet Access: For activation